Lens Design

Andorra Optics has designed lenses for a wide variety of applications that span the spectrum, from the UV to the far IR. In the UV, we have designed Fabry-Perot imaging spectrometers for astronomical work. Visible systems have included intra-oral cameras for dental work, plastic lens systems for general imaging, and null lenses for interferometric testing.

A good portion of our experience has been in IR technology, particularly the 3-5 and 8-12 micron regions. Within these wavebands we have designed many systems for FLIR, missile guidance, target recognition, and general IR imaging. The systems were refractive, reflective, or catadioptric. Many contained general aspheric and/or diffractive surfaces. Some multi-mirror designs contained tilted and decentered surfaces.

We have designed NIR imaging spectrometers in the 1-2.5 micron band and satellite guidance systems operating from 14-16 microns. The lenses were used either as stand alone imagers coupled to a detector or as part of a multi-lens general optical system containing other elements, lasers, and subsystems.