Patents and Portfolio

Below are two patents on system designs with which Jim McCann was instrumental in creating.

US Patent #4,507,773: For the design of a high-speed laser beam switch (RCA)
US Patent #6,037,968: For the design of a multi-color laser marking system (Markem)

The following is a partial list of examples of the variety of optical product development Andorra Optics has been involved with over the years. Where appropriate, within proprietary limitations, and with permission, Andorra Optics can furnish details about a particular client company and the optical system design we provided, as in many cases the product is featured on a client's website or a product marketing brochure. Client references can be furnished if required.

Geostationary Satellite Guidance System Sensor
The IR imager for this system was a moderately wide FOV multi-element refractive design with aspherics that operated in the 14-16 micron waveband.

Commercial Laser Marking Systems
We designed and developed a line of laser marking systems for a medium sized commercial printing company for the semiconductor and food packaging industries. These systems were both foil based and direct mark and used several different types of laser sources.

Portable FTIR Spectrometer
Andorra assisted in the design and development of a portable FTIR spectrometer used for spectral measurements in the Near and Far IR.

IR Imagers including Diffractive Optics
For a local producer of aspheric diamond-turned components and systems, Andorra was involved in design, fabrication and testing of many of these optics.

Fabry-Perot Imaging Spectrometer (NASA)
Andorra optics designed and toleranced a ground based UV-VIS Fabry-Perot spectrometer for the Kitt Peak and Apache Point observatories. This system interfaced to the focal plane of the 4 meter KP and 3.5 meter AP large telescopes.

Three-Mirror Anastigmat for Missile Guidance
A silicon carbide three-mirror anastigmat in the 3-5 micron waveband was designed and toleranced for a missile guidance system. This system used snap-together diamond-turned optics to facilitate alignment and testing.

Intra-Oral Camera
Andorra has designed and engineered several state-of-the-art visible optical systems for a leading dental camera company. These systems had very wide fields of view, high resolution, low distortion and focusability from very close (macro) to infinity.

Non-Imaging System
The performance of a non-imaging system for creating a uniform light distribution for precise drug delivery was analyzed.

Laser Ignition System
Andorra partnered with another firm to analyze the performance of an optical delivery system for laser based ignition.

Laser Safety
Laser safety determination - site assessment and conformance to CDRH requirements. Andorra Optics has peformed hazard analysis and CDRH level classification of large laser machining systems and users facilities.

Instrument Lighting
Another application of non-imaging optics is for aircraft instrument lighting for night vision. A system was analysed for cost/performance tradeoffs and NVIS compatibility.

Technology Partners

  • OPTEK Manufacturing: Andorra works closely with OPTEK in the engineering and fabrication of proprietary client systems, primarily in the visible range
  • PDR, Inc.: This link to an SBIR award describing the concept of a snap-together multi-mirror optical system that PDR developed and patented. Andorra was instrumental in assisting wiht the fabrication and assembly of a telescope using this unique concept
  • Optron Systems: Andorra has worked closely with Optron to design and analyze the optimum performance of membrane mirror spatial light modulators
  • Wollensak Associates, LLC: Andorra Optics works with Wollensak Associates to develop business plans, target market opportunities and keep abreast of the ever-changing optics industry

Professional Societies

  • SPIE--The International Society for Optical Engineering
  • Optical Society of America
  • IEEE Lasers and Electro Optics Society, Boston - Home
  • Laser Institute of America
  • Society of Professional Consultants
  • The American Precision Optics Manufacturers Association
  • New England Fiber Council