Qualifications and Skills

Summary of Qualifications and Skills

Andorra Optics has been successfully designing, fabricating and testing complex optical and laser systems for small, medium, and large corporations for more than 10 years. We concentrate on the design, analysis, and fabrication of optical and laser systems, ranging from small commercial systems to larger systems for the aerospace and defense industry. Extensive experience has developed a strong, consistent track record concentrating on optical/laser system design, analysis and fabrication. In addition, experience with applications engineering, mathematical modeling, technical writing, and laser safety complement the core skills.

President Jim McCann has a Bachelor's degree in engineering physics from Stevens Institute of Technology and a Master's degree in optical sciences from the University of Arizona. He has worked with optics and laser systems for nearly 25 years as an engineer and/or consultant. As a member of the SPIE, Optical Society of America, and a past president of the OSA/New England Section (1999), he has served on numerous committees for education outreach and topical meetings.

Markets Served

Andorra Optics has supplied optical engineering and design expertise for the development of commercial and aerospace systems. In the commercial area, systems have been designed for printing and marking on semiconductors, food packaging, and industrial products. The product marking systems rely on laser sources, either single mode or fiber coupled. In addition, spectrometers for chemical analysis and process control have been developed in the near and far IR. Intra-oral cameras, non-invasive chemical analyzers, and drug dosimeters round out the biomedical applications Andorra has been involved with. These commercial markets place a high premium on achieving the highest performance at the lowest production cost.

Aerospace systems range from one-of-a-kind imagers for astronomy and other space applications to ground based imagers, mostly in the IR for defense. These systems include FLIR and IR objectives used for night vision and missile guidance. Aerospace applications demand the highest attention to performance and on-time delivery within a fixed cost basis.

In all of these systems, Andorra was involved in the design, prototype fabrication, testing, and production support demonstrating a commitment to the complete product development cycle.

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